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Goldstein Guilliams International is an internationally known team of arts and artist managers and consultants with over 30 years’ of specialized experience and expertise providing strategic guidance, practical advice, integrated analysis, critical knowledge, comprehensive oversight, and creative problem solving throughout the field of arts and entertainment worldwide.

Working in collaboration with the distinguished expertise of our legal division, GG Arts Law, our services include:

  • Negotiating and contracting engagements

  • Managing collaborations and commissions

  • Setting up for-profit and non-profit business entities

  • Assisting with board formation and management

  • Drafting corporate documents, by-laws, and policies

  • Obtaining U.S visas for foreign artists, including serving as the U.S. petitioner

  • Obtaining U.S. state and federal tax waivers for foreign artists

  • Assisting with insurance and liability issues

  • Assisting with scheduling, travel, and tour management

  • Managing rights and licenses

  • Advising on best practices and procedures

  • Providing board and staff guidance

  • Leading board and staff retreats, training, team building and interventions

  • Facilitating and presenting workshops, seminars, and lectures

Association of performing arts Presenters, New York City

Association of performing arts Presenters, New York City

Our Clients

Regina Carter

Regina Carter

From Tony Award winning playwrights, to Pulitzer Prize winning composers, to Grammy Award winning artists, our clients have included renowned artists, performers, and ensembles; nationally and internationally distinguished companies in the fields of opera, dance, and theatre; regional and off-Broadway theater companies; award-winning producers and directors; top-selling recording artists and producers; award-winning documentary and feature-length film makers; regional and national presenters and venues; and critically acclaimed fine-artists and designers.

Workshops, Seminars, & Lectures

International Artists Managers Association; Utrecht, The Netherlands

International Artists Managers Association; Utrecht, The Netherlands

As highly sought after speakers and lecturers, our team has lead workshops andseminars on topics such as arts-based business and non-profit organization and management, planning for commissions and collaborations, emerging trends, arts advocacy, and immigration and tax issues for foreign artists.